Focus and Scope

Human Rights in the Global South (HRGS) is a peer-reviewed journal managed by the Indonesian Consortium for Human Rights Lecturers (SEPAHAM Indonesia).

Human Rights in the Global South focuses on the development of theories as well as practices in respecting and protecting human rights in Global South countries.

Manuscript with an empirical approach is preferable. However, the journal will still consider the manuscript with a descriptive approach.

The main objective of the journal will accommodate the widest range character of human rights. The use of Global South terminology on the journals name follows the growing dynamics of developing countries concerning multi aspects. Thus, human rights issues that need to be covered are becoming more varied.

This general objective of the journal serves as the perspective of “Global South Values” and its current impact on human rights practices in the Global South region.  Thus, the scope of this journal covers interdisciplinary studies on the issue of human rights in Global South countries. 

HRGS on issues related to constitutional rights, labor and migrant rights, political rights, religious freedom, health care, women and child rights, minority rights, land rights, indigenous rights, social rights, cultural rights, educational rights, and various additional human rights issues in the region according to the development of the issue.